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The difference between human hair and synthetic fiber

Author : Belinda Date : 2016-1-29 17:19:31
  We usually differentiate human and synthetic hair on the basis of some factors such as price, longevity, styling, maintenance and feel.
  Human hair piece is more expensive than synthetic ones. If you run fingers through human hair, you can feel very natural, and it has a far more natural look. You can even treat it as your own hair, which means you can perm, dye or bleach it and easily wash and style them in the same manner you care for your natural hair.
  Synthetic hair are totally chemical products, the texture are coarse and rough and easy to get tangled. But due to their price much lower than natural human hair, they're still good choices to make hair braids for short term hair extensions. one of the advantages of synthetic hair is when you in the heat weather, synthetic hair will not go flat or fall in the rain but will keep its preset style whereas human hair may need to be styled again and again.

Longevity: human hair lasts much longer than the synthetic extensions.
Styling: human hair can be styled with curling irons or rods, but synthetic hair can't be.
Maintenance and care of the human hair is much easier as compared to synthetic hair. It can be shampooed, dyed and streaked, but of course, over-dyeing can potentially damage the human hair as well.

Burning smells of human hair like a burnt fragrance, human hair burns out very quickly, is also easily becomes ash.
Burning smells of synthetic like a burning plastic, there is a small flame, and feels viscous when it burns out.

1. Human hair looks natural and has a natural feel and styling versatility as compared to synthetic hair that does not change its preset shape.
2. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed or color treated.
3. Synthetic hair is poor heat resistant and can melt near heated areas like fireplaces etc,
4. Human hair extensions can be dyed, blow-dried and treated like natural hair.
5. Human hair is expensive and can last around twelve months of time whereas synthetic hair may last around three months or so.